The evolution of the species.
Who will fear the dark anymore with their high visibility cable?

Although the FlyONE Dark maintains the same successful design of the previous models, this new generation is with no doubts “the evolution of its species”.

New materials, new electronics (BT 4.1 and new firmware CVC), great match for any smartphone voice assistant (eg. Siri or Cortana).

And even more, the cable linking the ear-phones is coated by a refractive film to keep you safer when the light is lacking.

FlyONE DARK #LightYourNight


The FlyONE in-ear headphones represent the state of the art in audio technology for runners and sport addicts.

The FlyONE combine ergonomics and audio quality in order to offer the best listening experience during physical exercise.

The word “fly” is not used randomly to describe these in-ear headphones. DEEWEAR has worked evenly on the audio technology and on the adherence to the ear. The stress test has been done by the acrobatics of a Parkourer, Luigi Lorenzi from Team Jestion, as can be viewed in the video opening of our home page. For this no gimmicks have been used.

In every FlyONE pack you will find a kit of ear buds and flaps that will allow you to find the ideal set up for you.



FlyOne are an audio device that can connect to a smarphone and other devices with BLUETOOTH.
The absence of cables between the headphones and the device allow for the utmost freedom of movement during your workout.


APTX is a transmission system that preserves the best audio quality between device and playback peripheral. Thanks to the file compression it is possible to use the Bluetooth frequency without any data loss. The final result is the closest to CD quality.


6th Generation CVC™ integrates bidirectional noise cancellation. It's an ultra low energy device that is able to cancel from the audio tracks noise click and pop defects. It is also useful in conversation when used with a smartphone, a situation in which it takes care of echo and heightens speak quality.

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FlyONE are available in the white-gray and green-black versions.
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About Deewear

DEEWEAR is a startup born in 2013 from the innvoits project of the Politecnico di Milano

DEsign Electronic WEARable are the terms that make up the name, identifying the vocation of the wearable technology, with particular care going into the design and the ergonomics of the product. DEEWEAR starts from the assumption that each product needs to represent the vision, in terms of quality, reliability and user experience.


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